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Calculators and Estimators

Last updated: 09 Sep 2013

Manure Capacity of Spreader

The owners manual for your spreader should provide information regardingits' size and capacity. If this isn't available, download this handy information sheet that will help estimate the manure capacity for various types of spreader such as V-bottom, liquid tank, and box type.

Download the manure capacity information sheet.


Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS) calculator

The Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS) Index is an indicator of the soils capacity to supply N to a crop in the absence of applied fertilisers. The more N the soil can supply, the less fertiliser N needs to be applied. The calculatoris used to obtain the number required when using the Fertiliser Manual (RB209), to get guidance on fertiliser application rates.

The calculator is available to download from the Agricultural Industries Confederation, (AIC), website by clicking here. The AIC is one of the founding partners of Tried & Tested and provides substantial support to our activities. The promotion of Tried & Tested on the AIC website can be found here.

The calculator is also available on the Tried & Tested USB memory stick.

For more information on the USB memory stick, click here.


Slurry Wizard (DairyCo)


Tried & Tested reviewed a few Excel Spreadsheets that help calculate slurry storage requirements and found something better: DairyCo Slurry Wizard.  The tool, just one of 3 tools on the Dairy Wizard CD, also helps to weigh up the cost benefits of different ways to tackle under capacity.

The Dairy Wizard CD also contains the hugely popular Housing the 21st Century Cow and Parlour Wizard tools.

Housing the 21st Century Cow allows farmers to select - and fully cost - the perfect dairy housing design to suit their production system, climate and labour availability while meeting the latest environmental and welfare standards.

And for farmers considering replacing or upgrading milking equipment and facilities the updated Parlour Wizard allows different parlour types and functionality to be compared and costed based on individual farm data including cow numbers, labour availability and input costs.

To get your copy of the Dairy Wizard click here to send a pre-addressed email to request a copy from Dairy Co.

We'll pass your request details on to Dairyco on your behalf.


More calculators will be added in the near future