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On April 2nd 2018, the Farming Rules for Water (otherwise know as the Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018) came into force.

What are the rules for?

There are 8 rules which aim to:

  • promote good practice in managing fertilisers and manures
  • encourage land managers to take reasonable precautions to prevent diffuse pollution from runoff or soil erosion
  • require soil tests at least every 5 years

What are the rules?

Rule 1: planning use of manures and fertilisers

Rule 2: storing organic manures

Rule 3: applying manures or fertilisers

Rule 4: where not to apply organic manures

Rule 5: where not to apply fertiliser

Rule 6: reasonable precautions to prevent soil erosion

Rule 7: protecting against soil erosion by livestock

Rule 8: position of livestock feeders

For a brief summary of the rules download: Farming Rules for Water: are you on the right track?

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