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Benefits of nutrient management planning

Last updated: 27 Nov 2015

Name: Clive and Andrew Gurney_32035

Region: Wigmore, Herefordshire

Farm: Mixed

Size: 400 hectares


Over 12 years ago, Clive Gurney and his family moved from Austerton, Cheshire to a larger mixed farm of 400 acres at Wigmore, Herefordshire

What are the benefits of nutrient planning?

Clive and Andrew decided to increase dry matter production on the grass crop. New seeds were sown and drainage issues rectified and both the soil and slurry were tested. This integrated approach proved very worthwhile with grass yields rising over recent years equivalent to £405/ha at the time.

With high potash prices, any over application of excess slurry or fertiliser will seriously affect profit. By using nutrient management planning, savings had been made over a measured three years period.

Clearly through engaging with expert advice Clive and Andrew identified where improvements and cost savings could be made in their grassland management and are feeling the advantage of adopting a nutrient management plan.