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New farm case studies 2020/21

Last updated: 13 Apr 2021

CSF and LEAF have been working in partnership to produce a series of farm video case studies. Click on the Youtube video to listen to the full story: 

Soil structure improvement through strip tilling and cover cropping 

Farm manager David Thomas shows some of the ways in which Riviera is working to improve soil structure, reducing soil runoff and compaction. The use of cover cropping and strip tilling are both demonstrated, with benefits for crop health and biodiversity. Philippa Mansfield Catchment Sensitive Farming Agricultural Lead describes the catchment scale challenges and benefits of horticultural soil management.

Improving nutrient use efficiency

Jordans Farm Partnership farmer Nick Rowsell outlines his journey to cutting nutrient applications by 15% with no yield drop through precision testing of soil, tissue and grain samples. By determining the needs of individual crops, nutrition can be tailored so that use is optimised and waste reduced, with benefits to the bottom line and the wider environment. CSFO Natalie Breden explains the positive impact such strategies can have for catchments such as the local Itchen, a rare chalk stream habitat.

Rainwater harvesting from cattle housing

LEAF Demonstration Farmer Jeremy Padfield  demonstrates the benefits of rainwater harvesting for his farm operation and business. Filtered rainwater stored in tanks is used to fill the farm sprayer and wash down machinery, saving money on water and reducing runoff of dirty water from the farmyard. CSFO Adam Langford highlights the catchment benefits of rainwater harvesting, reducing borehole extraction and diffuse pollution through runoff of slurry and dirty water.