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Red Tractor Beef Farmer And The New Feed Plan

Last updated: 15 Jul 2013


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Here is a great example of a reputable farmer, one of many, who have Tried & Tested our tools to see if they provide benefit on the ground.

Stephen Hobbs, a LEAF and also Red Tractor certified beef farmer in Buckinghamshire, said “By adopting the Tried & Tested feed plan, it helps me with my integrated farm management by creating a ‘whole farm’ approach.”  He went on to say that this plan, “…fits nicely between the original booklet ‘Nutrient Management Plan’ and ‘Think Manures’ booklet.  It really is the meat in the sandwich.”

This easy to follow and practical tool, attempts to help farmers to get the nutrient balance right.  It is crucial for generating an efficient and profitable system that has minimal detrimental impact on the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Assisting farmers to improve the efficiency of their operations by integrating the use of all nutrients within their production system, is a primary objective of all farming organisations supporting this tool.

To hear his verdict on the practicalities and benefits of our latest Tried & Tested tool, watch the video produced by LEAF for Tried & Tested below.