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The value of slurry

Last updated: 18 Dec 2015

Name: Richard Corlett_32049

Region: Lathom, Lancashire

Farm: Grass and Crops

Size: 140 ha


Richards and his wife Dawns' nutrient emphasis is on home-grown forage, which supports 190 milkers, yielding around 9000 litres.

Have you completed a nutrient management plan before?

Richard has been working with his Facts Qualified Advisor (FQA) for over 10 years now on nutrient management. NVZ regulations have focussed Richards attention on spreading slurry and manure across the farm, rather than just maize, which used to be common practice on North West dairy farms.

Richard very quickly appreciated the value of slurry and now has this analysed regularly.

What are the benefits of nutrient planning?

Compared to previous systems there was a saving of £15.90/ha (at the time of writing). This is valuable and phosphate in 'bought in' feed seems to be sufficient to maintain the status. This will be constantly monitored. This example is typical of where savings can be made with working with an advisor and looking in detail at all aspects of nutrients, not just those which are 'on farm', but also those which are bought onto the farm from outside sources.