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Dr George Fisher - guest blogger

Last updated: 29 Nov 2013

Dr George Fisher


George started his career as a grassland scientist at SAC after obtaining a PhD from The University Glasgow in the trace element nutrition of sheep. 

His grassland work focussed on grazing for milk and meat production and for ecological gain and he has published many papers ranging in topic areas from high stocking rate dairy cow grazing, through ruminant feeding systems, to grazing of sheep and cattle in the highlands for habitat and biodiversity development. 

George then entered the commercial worlds of fertilisers and feeds, gaining experience in soil and plant nutrition, marketing communications and product development. 

Recently George has specialised in knowledge transfer with the grassland farming community through his work with The British Grassland Society (of which he is a former President), Reaseheath College, DairyCo and his own independent consultancy.  George’s related publications include ‘Milk from Grass’, ‘Digging out the answers: A practical guide to grassland soils and fertilisers’, ‘Tried and Tested Feed Planning for cattle and sheep’ and most recently ‘Soil Smart, Nutrient Wise’.