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CFE Virtual Workshop - Farming with Trees

Last updated: 05 Jan 2021

'Farming with Trees' - Tuesday 26th January 2020: 7.00pm - 8.00pm followed by questions and discussion

Single trees in a farmland setting_75102

  • Hosted by CFE North Coordinator and Yorkshire Farmer Fraser Hugill.
  • Sian Atkinson from the Woodland Trust will give an overview of agroforestry, current projects, how the Woodland Trust can help farmers and land managers consider their options and the latest situation regarding agroforestry and the new Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs).
  • Stephen Briggs, farmer, Independent consultant and co author of the agroforestry handbook will discuss how integrating trees into a farm system can deliver multiple benefits.
  • We will look at a real life example of a farmer integrating trees into their farm system.

This online event will be run through Microsoft Teams.

Guests will be able to put questions to the panel after each speaker and
in a general Q&A at the end of the online event.

A recording on the webinar will be made available on our Webinars page after the event.

You can download a free PDF copy of the Agroforestry Handbook at

For more information or to register - click here

Event Start Date:

26 Jan 2021 19:00

Event End Date:

26 Jan 2021 20:00

Cost (£):