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PAAG Report 2014 Released

Last updated: 07 Nov 2014

Collated data from  around 200,000 routine soil samples between 1st June 2013 and 31st May 2014 states yet again that regular soils analysis is needed to get the use of fertiliser right and to maintain soil pH. 

A copy of the 2013/14 Professional Agricultural Analysis Group report can be found here.

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Only about 30% of soil samples were at target index of 2 for P. The report goes on to analyse the overall results for pH, K and Mg.

Technically aware farmers are probably more likely to use soil analysis in decision making and their soils may be maintained at higher level of available nutrients than are present in the population mean. Several laboratories have contributed to the collation of samples for these reports.

The Professional Agricultural Analysis Group (PAAG) was established in 2009 to help ensure a common quality standard amongst participating laboratories and to promote the benefits of soil analysis for efficient nutrient management. One of the early actions agreed by the PAAG was the collation of the their UK soil analytical data to show breakdown by pH class and by P, K and Mg Indices.

A list of the current participating laboratories can be found on the inside cover of the report or on our our website by clicking here.


All reports since 2009 can be found here