New: UK Soil Health Initiative guides

25 October 2021

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New Soil Health Initiative guides have been launched online to help you to identify the actions you can take to better manage soils for a sustainable future. They have been developed by a wide-ranging partnership across the farming industry brought together by the UK Soil Health Initiative, the WWF-Tesco Partnership and CFE.

Healthy, well‑managed soils are the foundation for productive farming systems. Taking steps to improve soil health is a vital part of future‑proofing all farms against the challenges of climate change and changing government support, by supporting good yields and reducing environmental impacts.

Every farm and field is different and there is no single approach for creating healthy soils. These printable guides give targeted guidance for a range of farming systems.

The guides cover:

  • Soil Health Initiative: Managing Soils With Root Crops & Maize
  • Soil Health Initiative: Managing Soils On Upland Livestock Farms
  • Soil Health Initiative: Managing Soils In Field Vegetables
  • Soil Health Initiative: Managing Soils On Mixed Farms
  • Soil Health Initiative: Managing Soils Combinable Cropping
  • Soil Health Initiative: Managing Soils On Lowland Livestock Farms
Visit the CFE website to download your free copy

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