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Feed Planning for Sheep and Cattle

Last updated: 10 Nov 2017
Last updated: 27 Jun 2013

A fresh look at feeding!

Feed planning for cattle and sheep

TTFeedPlanCover_584_800The information provided within this publication will allow ruminant livestock farmers and their advisers to take a fresh look at feed planning, to see how it might be improved.  This guide, along with the other Tried & Tested publications, can help farmers fully integrate their use of manure, fertilisers and feeds into a more complete whole-farm nutrient plan.

There is a real win:win to be gained by balancing nutrient input to nutrient use on farm; costs can be reduced and gains made from improving efficiency.

Have a look at what our Tried & Tested LEAF and Red Tractor beef farmer thinks on this short YouTube video

Feedback from Nick Canning, Ruminant Nutritionist at  East Coast Viners Animal Nutrition said, “.. this is a brilliant book and I would like all my of my team to have a copy and for it to be used as part of our training and skill building workshops.”

You can request a hardcopy by email at [email protected] or by leaving your details on the voice message service by calling 02476 858896

You can download a PDF copy by clicking HERE