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Last updated: 30 Aug 2018

Tried & Tested Logo_170_134Tried & Tested is an initiative of the agricultural industry, aiming to help farmers to improve nutrient management planning through a toolkit of resources and guidance.

In 2020, 57% of farm holdings (75% of the farmed area) in England reported possession of a nutrient management plan, and 16% of those with a plan used Tried & Tested.

Tried & Tested promotes a very practical way to plan and record nutrient use, e.g. through the Tried & Tested paper-based nutrient management plan. We also provide our publications and other guidance electronically online and on USB.

As well as introducing the concept of nutrient planning and helping farmers meet regulatory requirements, good nutrient management will help to reduce diffuse water pollution in order to meet the objectives of the Water Framework Directive.

The wider project provides links to industry advisers including FACTS Qualified Advisers and has established of a Proficiency Testing Scheme for UK soil laboratories.

The Tried & Tested Delivery Plan for 2018-2019 can be viewed here.

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Tried & Tested works in partnership with Championing the Farmed Environment (CFE). The CFE is an industry-led initiative which promoting good environmental management through productive farming. CFE provides advice and training on soil management, water quality, air quality and wildlife, for all farming businesses.

Our tools are used by regional CFE co-ordinators, many of whom are FACTS qualified advisers, at events and workshops.

Tried & Tested also collaborated with CFE to produce an introduction to nutrient management: Nutrient management for your farm business, and guidance on ammonia emmissions: Reducing ammonia emissions on livestock and arable farms which both help to introduce the principles behind good nutrient management and the Tried & Tested toolkit.